Evaluations on the Stone Forest Declaration from Domestic and Overseas Experts and Authorities

Xinsheng Zhang (Vice Minister of Ministry of Education, Director of the Chinese National Commission for the UNESCO, Chairman of the Executive Board of the UNESCO):
As for our nation and nationality, it is a great honor to declare the World National Heritage and a symbol of our nation and national cohesion. It makes sense for the development, for the sustainable development plans and for the construction of the harmonious society, which is the responsibility and mission that history endowed us. Thanks to the integral support from government, it is possible to declare the various Karsts the World Natural Heritage. On the other hand, in order to manage and protect the relics which represent the earth history and to ensure the resources can be utilized rationally.

Daoxian Yuan (Chinese Academy of Sciences):
The Stone Forest is one of the most influential Karsts landscapes all over the world, which have drown numerously domestic and overseas experts and scientists to study the Karsts science, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, as well as tourism, ethnology, biological diversities to fully reveal the scientific significance of the Stone Forest and the cultural connotation of the tourism value. The scholars gathered in one place to carry out the multidisciplinary and comprehensive study, which lasted for more than 70 years. It is rare in our various parks and protected areas studies. Thus, the Stone Forest can be called a model of the National Park study.

Wenkui Ding (Professor from Tongji University):
As for the Stone Forest, except for the profound value of the geological sciences, it has been part of Chinese culture which stands for one of the aesthetics. Specifically speaking, the space form of the Stone Forest is the important origins for China’s gardening, for example, the classical gardens of Suzhou is typical. So that the space form of the Stone Forest will influence the China’s gardens design style in no less than 1000 years.

Professor Williams (Professor from New Zealand Auckland University, Prestigious Karsts expert):
The best resources are lying in China, and the best Karsts are in south China, which can not be doubtful. “South China Karsts” possesses great value. I have been to the Stone Forest so many times, where there are the most ancient and complicatedly Karsts resources. The Karsts enjoy high scientific aesthetic value.

Professor Ford (Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences):
Professional Karsts experts like me share the same opinion that the Stone Forest in Lunan County possesses two unique features all over the world, namely, for one, it maintains and shows the much more complicated evolution than any other famous sword-shaped Karsts. For another, the individual features for the modern sword-shaped Karsts are more various than those in other places.
Dr. Hans (Asian director in the office of the World Conservation Union):
As for the aspect of the ancient Stone Forest, Karsts this shape have the typical features of Madagascar well-cut-shaped Karsts. While in the huge and small Stone Forest, its shapes are the same with that of Malaysia Muru sword-shaped Karsts. Then from the sight of the top shapes of the Stone Forest, it is the same with the sword-shaped Karsts in both Palawan in Philippines and north Tanzania in Africa. That is the reason why it is said that the Stone Forest is the mirror of all shaped Karsts all over the world and the museum of Karsts.

Professor Ede (Director of the UNESCO Division of Earth Science):
I came to Yunnan and the Stone Forest to get to know the 300-million-year geological history and to find out how Sani manage and utilize the resources here. The inhabitants make an organic combination of the local ethnical culture, geological relics, biological environment and the protection management, which is the only place existing all over the world. We also grasp that the local management covers the planting protection as well.