Significances of being enlisted on the World Heritage List

Being enlisted into the WHL is the recognition of the outstanding natural and cultural heritage in a certain area from international community, which is the laurel all over the world. World natural heritages are the natural resources and values of the top brands in a certain region. Numerous facts prove that all the powerful countries of the World Heritage are also the touristy countries. It will be always remembered that June 27th, 2007, on that day, the Stone Forest was recorded the 34th World Heritage, at the same time, the 6th Natural Heritage, which fills in the gaps that Kunming does not possess any World Heritage.

Under the halo of the World Natural Heritage, the favorable natural resources in Yunnan Stone Forest will be protected permanently in line with the international standards. And the publicity of the Stone Forest will be greatly generated, which will consolidate and strengthen fundamentally the reputation and status of touristy resources county of the Stone Forest County in China, even the world. Thus the Stone Forests County is facing with the unprecedented opportunities for development that can contribute greater motivations and enormous economic benefits to Kunming even Yunnan tourism development, which sets a more solid foundation for sustainable development and leaves flagship that future generations will always benefit from.