Protection measures on the Stone Forest geological landscapes

(1) According to the conservation plans, it is required to divide the reserves at all levels with boundaries and simultaneously, to set eye-catching signals to demonstrate the protection demands, ranges, levels and responsibilities.

(2) Approvals on the construction projects in the scenic spots are absolutely demanded. The projects should be done through the publicity programs by adopting spot vote veto systems.

(3) To adjust the agricultural structure. Utilize less chemical pesticides and fertilizers to improve the water conditions.

(4) To accumulate the scattered-living people in the spots downtown to form the living economies of scale and to reduce the human activity influences on the place.

(5) To shut off the roads leading to the premium protected areas in the scenic spots.

(6) To build up an efficient administrative team to plant closing corporations between governments at all levels and industrial department. To implement the management method combined localization of management with regular pat