The Stone Forest for the Experts

The Stone Forest is the essence and the typical representative of the world wide Karsts landforms. Karsts are shared wealth nature endows with our human beings that enjoy their uniqueness and specific characteristic all over the world. The geological relics and landscapes have an extraordinarily high scientific value and international comparison significance. The Karsts themselves are a natural museum of Karsts landscapes. Since 1930 there came thousands of overseas and domestic scholars into the Stone Forest in Yunnan Province to observe and study integrally especially on the aspects of geography, geology, landscape, ethnology, aesthetics and other 20 disciplines, and then published more than 200 influential pieces of articles on the Stone Forest study at home and abroad publications, as well as over 40 monographs. Particularly since nineteenth of last century, in order to promote the scientific protect in the Stone Forest, the Stone Forest Administration has extracted 1% of the ticket revenue annually as the Stone Forest protection Fund. From 1993 until now, the administration cooperates with number of domestic and foreign institutions. Besides, the administration has held the Stone Forest international Karsts Symposium for four consecutive years. In 1997, the Stone Forest Scenic Area Administration and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geography cooperated to establish the Stone Forest Karsts Geological Research Center among the world-famous scenic spots. There are 22 people within the center who are well-known experts from both home and overseas. Every year about 10 research subjects will be worked out, which leads the Stone Forest into the stage of international academically standardized and scientific development. In 2004, the Stone Forest undertook the International Symposium on the World Heritage Biodiversity held jointly by the UNESCO and Chinese Ministry of Construction.

In 2001, the Academician of Science of Canada D?Ford, who is the International Cave and Karsts Association Director-general and President, praised during the inspection in the Stone Forest, “The Stone Forest in Yunnan Province possesses two unique features can’t be found in other places, that is, for one thing, the Stone Forest maintains and demonstrates the more complicated Karsts evolution than other prestigious sword-shaped Karsts. In the Stone Forest in Yunnan, historical geologists and geomorphologies can find three kinds of landscapes, whose value is the highest all over the world……”

In June 2003, academician of Chinese Academy of Science Hongfu Yin suggested during the inspection in the Stone Forest that starting from the aspect of science, the definition and connotation of the Stone Forest should be defined worldwide. Thus it can be the norm to standardize whether the Karsts all over the world have been highly developed. Among more than 20 stone forests worldwide, the Stone Forest in Yunnan Province have unparalleled advantages no matter judging from what aspects like formative period, various types, fancy shapes, development, and value of aesthetic or scientific study.

In December 2003, Director of the UNESCO Division of Earth Science, the world-renowned geologist Dr. Freud said from the heart, “People in the Stone Forest combined the geological relics with protection and management of culture organically. Furthermore, the ecological vegetation has been well protected, which is the only one example all over the world. When I came to the Stone Forest, I recalled my hometown Germany. I felt like enjoying the wonderful symphony of Beethoven, which made me so enjoyable.” It was pointed out by Dr. Freud that the Stone Forest can be promoted to the whole world like fascinating pieces of music, which will definitely achieve great economic benefits.

During July 2004, Ms. Margret Parka, the UNESCO official, who attended the opening ceremony of the Stone Forest World Geo Park, said, “The Stone Forest is very beautiful, extraordinarily beautiful. The management here is satisfying and achieves the requests of the UNESCO Geo Park net. But as for the whole world, it still stays fresh. Being the Geo Park is just the first step of the ladder to the world. And the Stone Forest should expand its promotion to let the world know more about it.” Ms. Margret deemed that in the near future the Stone Forest must be a world-class well-known brand.

From September 2nd to 6th, 2006 the IUCN experts accomplished the local inspection and valuation of the Stone Forest World Natural Heritage Nomination successfully. The inspection expert Dr. Sancerre spoke highly of the Stone Forest that the protection infrastructure and management standard achieved international first-class level. The authorities have done a lot of fruitful work on the natural resources and environmental protection. They have made painstaking efforts. It would be a successful nomination.”