Over 1000 Teachers and Students from the AffiliatedMiddle Schoolof Yunnan University Carried Society Practice Activities in Shilin geopark

More than 1500 teachers and students from the Affiliated Middle School of Yunnan University, Chengong Branch, carried out social practice activities in Shilin Geopark on 27th, March.
The activities were organized by the Affiliated Middle School of Yunnan University, Chengong Branch, and Yunnan Shanfan Culture Company, with the aim of enriching campus life, making students close to nature, carrying out science popularization, making students form good habits of helping each, of being modest and civilized, of abiding by social morality, boosting relationship between teachers and students. Teachers and students visited the Shilin World Natural Heritage Site, Shilin Global Geopark, and the Geological Museum, which is the biggest of its kind in China, and the Time Castle which has tens of thousands of geological exhibition articles.

This activities adapted a very new model of “co-operations between park and school”. According to the school’s requirements and the park’s reality, Shilin Geopark Administrative Bureau formed a working group and specially designed students’ tour. Nearly 200 park staff from several divisions such as battery-powered vehicles service, science interpretation, art performance, park cleaning and law enforcement provided service for the teachers and students.

Teachers and students had a picnic near Bushao Mountain  area during the day, and extra-curriculum activities “Close to Nature?Happily Visiting Shilin” and “1000 Students’ and Teachers’ Signature ” were carried out on site. These social practice activities reached climax when teachers and students were joined by the staff workers of Shilin Art Troupe, playing three-string traditional Chinese guitar and happily dancing.

The school president Wang Aiming said: “one-day visit is really short, but the model of co-operations between park and school will be long term system.” Mr. Wang hoped to strengthen exchanges and communications between schools and the parks so that patriotism, science education and geological science will enter school. By this way, teachers and students will get more chances to be close to nature and feel the charm of natural beauty. These activities will absolutely stimulate students’ love for hometown and country, will help to create a more harmonious and beautiful tomorrow.

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