2016 work summary meeting of Shilin Geoaprk

meeting venue

2016 work summary meeting of Shilin Geoaprk was held on Dec,30 2016. 

party secretary of Shilin county committee, Rang Detao, was delivering a peech at the meeting

county governor , Zhang Qinxun, was delivering a speech at the meeting

Zhou Linchun was delivering a speech at the meeting

The general-director and the Party secretary of Shilin Geopark Administrative Bureau, Mr.Zhou Linchun, delivered a speech at the meeting on  attracting investment, projects construction, management, establishing brands, marketing, tourism reception. He also made a summary on the performance of all the key work and tourism economic growth in 2016. He expected the high-speed railway in full operation will enhance the development of Shilin tourism.

Shilin geopark had a total visitors of 4 million in 2016, generating direct revenue of 700 million yuan, the same level as last year; the whole Shilin county received 6.5 million visitors, an increase of 30% compared to last year; the tourism brought an income of 4270 million, an increase of 28.96% compared to last year.

Rang Detao, Party secretary of Shilin County Committee, analyzed the great chances and huge challenges facing Shilin, based on the work that has been done and some examples in 2016. He required all the leaders and staff should free minds, keep up with the times, cultivate talents, reform and innovate, shoulder the responsibilities to promote the whole-county tourism development. Rang Detao also stressed the great goal of “Establishing World-Class Scenic Area, Creating Internationally Renowned Tourist Attraction”. We should take the opportunities coming along with the high-speed railway time. The county governor, Zhang Qinxun, stressed at the meeting that we should realized the fierce market competition among new-type tourism areas, properly face the tourism market readjustments in Yunnan province, so as to achieve the leveraging role of tourism.

Deputy party secretary, Huang Shijian, the director-general of people’s congress, Zhang Zhonggui, the chairman of political consultative conference, Zhe Peixian, the director of general office of Shilin county committee, Cheng Yongning, and vice county governor Su Yunbo also participated the meeting.   

From: the general office, the marketing division of Shilin Global Geopark Administrative Bureau
Time: Dec 31, 2016