Visiting Shilin Geopark Experiencing Yi Culture

China was celebrating its 67th Anniversary of Founding of the People’s Republic of China during the National Day Holiday of 2016. Visitors were received into Shilin Geoaprk with harmonious and peaceful holiday atmosphere, welcomeing ceremony, folk songs and dances. Shilin Geoaprk used such ways to celebrate birthday of our motherland with friends and visitors from all over the country.

When you come to the park in the morning, you can feel the strong atmosphere of holiday at the Visitor Center, the Bridge on the Stone Forest Lake, before the hotel doors; everywhere is decorated with lanterns and festoons and the flying red flags, and Yi people with traditional costumes are singing and dancing. “The highlight of Stone Forest” is more marvelous with the surrounded poems and calligraphy; standing on the towering “Viewing Pavilion”, one will have a great and panoramic view; “Aishima Stone” will let you know the profile of Sani people and exclaim over the faithful love between Ashima and Ahege. When you are walking through the park, natural beauty will make you forget the crowdedness and  enjoy taking pictures.

At the Natural Dance Place, local Yi people are hosting the three-stringed traditional Chinese guitar dance. Hearing the rhythm, you can’t help dancing together with them, if you want to have a deep and real experience, you are supposed to put on Yi traditional costumes, carry the three-stringed traditional Chinese guitar, and dance with no end. Near the Dance Place, you can learn the old cloth-making and linen-weaving methods, and feel the hard life and wisdom of the ancestors of Yi people. 

At the open space of the Sun and Moon Square are young and beautiful Ashima and strong Ahege, playing leaves and Huqin and Yueqin, singing songs of harvest joy. The songs and dances express they are living a happy life and they love their new life very much. Sometime you are lucky to have the chance to taste the buckwheat wine.

On this holiday, you just come to Shilin Geoaprk, look at the geological miracles created by nature, experience Yi culture, enjoy the natural beauty, take nice pictures, feed the fish in the pool, dance, see the beautiful flowers …… all can reduce your physical and mental stress and help experience the leisure life.

On this golden week of National Day Holiday, Shilin has visitors of 126,000, an increase of 2.51% compared with the same period of last year.

   (Written by Zhao Guohong  photographed by Huang Qinguang and Li Kun )