Shilin Was the shooting place for Yunnan Tourism TV Show100 People joined the Three-stringed Chinese Guitar Dance

Yunnan Television has recently sent its film crew to shoot in Shilin Stone Forest Scenic Area for Yunnan tourism image video; the unique, spectacular rocks and Sani folk culture became important parts of the video, helping promote the image of tourism in Yunnan.

In the shooting place, 200 dancers, including some nearby residents in Weize Village, Pucao Village and Shese Village, and Art Troupe of Shilin Stone Forest Scenic Area, performed the three-stringed Chinese guitar Dance happily in Shilin Stone Forest Scenic Area. Melodious flute, warm three-stringed Chinese guitar on men’s back, women dancing as butterflies, these wonderful scene were appealing to all visitors.

Shilin boasts great natural beauty and splendid culture. Local Sani people, developed inseparable ties with Shilin stone forests landscape, created colorful folk culture represented by “ashima”, reflected in their unique language, gorgeous costumes, fiery and bold dance, imposing and spectacular wrestling competition, extraordinary traditions of wedding and funeral.