Shilin Global Geopark Carried Out Themes Activities to Celebrate the 47th Earth Day

Shilin Global Geopark carried out activities to celebrate the 47th Earth Day under the theme “to save resources and to green-up your life.” One of significant roles UNESCO global geopark should play is to optimize the sciences popularization function of the geopark and to spread geo-sciences to the public. Shilin global geopark organized geo-sicence poster exhibition at visitor center, training courses to park staff and guides, and geological science recital contest. The geo-science poster exhibition will later be moved to No.1 Middle School, Ethnic Middle School and Bajiang Middle School of Shilin County to make it known and popular among students.
April 22nd every year marks the onset of Earth Day. It is a day that is celebrated to raise awareness about our home planet and how we can save and protect it from recurring damage. Started in the year 1970, Earth Day is now celebrated in many countries each year. Earth Day is not just an event to be celebrated on one specific day. It is a reminder for all to do our rightful duty to save our planet each day. Always remember that every step, every initiative counts.