Chongqing Wulong Karst

Wulong County, is located by the edge of southeast Chongqing City, at the downstream of Wujiang River, neighboring Pengshui in the east, Daozhen County of Guiizhou province in the south, Nanchuan and Fuling County in the west and Fengdu County in the north. It is 170 kilometers away from downtown Chongqing, and has been called “The Gate of Chongqing and Guizhou” since ancient times.

The scenic spots of Wulong include Lotus Cave, which boosts the No.1 cave on the earth, Asian largest natural stone bridges group and Houping Giant Doline formed by the most rare karst system in the world. Lotus cave is a huge limestone cave with length of 2400 meters, width of 30-50 meters and total area of its central “Brilliant Hall” is more than 11000 square meters. There are various kinds of secondary chemical deposition forms (namely of stalactites) can be found in the cave. Most of the species are widely distributed in pure quality and perfect patterns that are quite rare in China. Especially, the coral and canine tooth shaped calcite crystal flower that is forming in the lake, the helictite, calcite and gesso crystal flowers in the cave wall are not only rare in China, but also rare in the world. There are three major scenic areas with 30 main scenic spots have been exploited under the development schedule. Among them, more than 10 scenic spots are considered as the best attractions at home and aboard.

Wulong natural stone bridge is the most uncommon geological wonder ecological tourist area in China. It is a typical kast landscape. It boosts the largest Asian natural bridges group with three magnificent stone arch bridges namely as Sky Dragon Bridge, Green Dragon Bridge and Black Dragon Bridge that are regarded as wonders in the whole world.

The three natural bridges are at the south of the Fairy Mountain, which is in between of the Fairy Mountain and Wulong County. Sky Dragon Bridge is the No.1 natural bridge with height of 200 meters and length of 300 meter, and gets its name for locating in the first with powerful momentum. There are caves in the No.1 bridge, and small caves in big caves, all caves are intertwined as a maze, which is grand and magic. Green Dragon Bridge is the No.2 bridge, it is a natural bridge of largest vertical height difference. The bridge is 350 meters high, 150 meters wide and 400 meters long. It looks like a real dragon flying up to the sky at the sunset, thus why it is named Green Dragon Bridge. Black Dragon Bridge is famous for 4 springs called “Three Steps Spring”, “One String Spring”, “Pearl Spring” and “Fog Spring”.

Houping Giant Doline is situated Houping Town, which is the hinterland of the three gorges of the golden Yangtze River cruise, it belongs to the Wuling Mountain system, and is 88 kilometers away from   the Wulong County. Houping Giant Doline has aroused highly attention of the Sino-Euro-American joint cave expedition team and the chairman of China's Cave Research Association, Professor Zhu Xuewen to investigate here for several times. There are five dolines with total area of 150000 square meters, hidden within the primeval forest and bamboo groves. The doline is surrounded by deep cliffs. There are holes in the ground under the dolines, and you can find bigger dolines in these holes. The diameter and depth of the 5 dolines are all in 300 meters and in a barrel shape. There are 15000 acres of primeval forest and 30000 acres of stone forest, reservoir in the surrounding areas, has extremely high value of science research and full of mystery.