Overnight at Changhu Lake

Being surrounded by mountains of elevation at 1907 meters, Changhu Lake is located at Weize Village, which is 26 kilograms away from the Stone Forest scenic area. The shape of the lake is just like a slender girl. It is said the Changhu Lake is the hometown of Ashima. As the lake is hidden in the mountains, it is seldom visited by tourists, so it has a nick name as “Hidden Lake”.

The main scenic spots are One-Stone-Hill, Two-Peak-Hill, Three-Peak-Hill, Mopan Hill, Penglai Isle and Round Lake. Changhu Lake is a lava lake with water supplied from underground in 5-kilogram perimeter, 300-meter width and the average depth at 24 meters. The water is clean and clear with no pollution. It is surrounded by green mountains with forest coverage of over 95%. The air here is clean and fresh. There are island in the lake, and on the lake shore grows Yunnan pines. The area is low and even, divided into many small lakes, create a circumstance of quiet and peaceful beauty. 

During spring and summer, you can go boating, fishing, climbing at Changhu Lake, and you also can shoot arrows, have a picnic, and pick the flowers and fruits in person. If you have tent, you can stay overnight at the lake bank. You may invite some friend to go boating on the lake when the moon is in the sky. Singing and drinking on the boat will bring a wonderful moment lasts in your memory forever. A torch party can also be held with people singing and dancing around the torch. 
In addition, Changhu Lake is the first pilot unit of tent-travel approved by Provincial Tourism Administration. 
Travel tips:
Food: you may bring the food and cook by yourself, or try the local specialties at Azhuodi Yi Family. 

Accommodation: In tent or stay overnight at Azhuodi Yi Family.
Tent can be brought by yourself or rented from the Supervising Office of Changhu at the following costs:
Tent: RMB 60 yuan/piece (including mattress, quilt for 3-4 people’s use)
         RMB 40 yuan/piece (including mattress, quilt for 2 people’s use)

How to get there: 
Starts from Kunming, you may either drive along the tourism high way of Kunming – Jiuxiang- Shilin- Alu Ancient Cave, or by the traditional route as Kunming – Shilin County – Changhu Lake. Both are in good condition and with clean road markers and it takes about 1.5 hours to reach Changhu. 

Ticket: RMB 10 yuan per person  

Others: Bamboo raft rent: RMB 40 yuan per hour
Barbecue grill rent: RMB 40 yuan per piece (charcoal provided free)
Chess & playing card: RMB 20 yuan per set

Service Hotline: 86-871-773 4002
Special Note:
Changhu Lake is the mother lake of Sani people. Please take good care of the environment here while you are enjoying the holiday. Take the white trash away , and remain the green mountain and clean water.