Azhuodi Yi Family

In Yi people’s opinion, Azhuodi Yi Family is a Utopia to fire one's imagination. It is located in the Azhuodi Village, which is 5 kilometers away from the Changhu Lake. It is a famous ecological demonstration village of the province with Hundreds of acres with apple trees and boundless forest. The Yi Family project will let you in a good ecological environment to experience the strong ethnic feeling, and you will totally forget the hustle and bustle of the city, find yourself back in the nature.

Azhuodi Village, Changhu Town, Shinlin County, 98 kilometers away from Kunming.  

Meal: RMB 16 yuan per person
Accommodation: RMB 15 yuan per night
Package of meals, accommodation, sightseeing and evening party: RMB 50 yuan per person  
How to get there: 
Drive from Kunming to Shilin County, then to Weize and Changhu Lake. 

Tel: 86-871-773 5228, 138 8865 5519