Overnight at Slabstone House in Nuohei Village

Nuohei Village is located 30 kilometers southeast to Shilin County, it is AShiMa ethnic cultural ecological tourism pilot village of Shilin County, and has awarded the first "Kunming Cultural Tourism Town" in 2007, and been chosen as the “investigation village” by the 16th international anthropology academic world congress which held in July of this year, and will welcome thousands of experts and scholars from all over the world to have a visit.

From generation to generation, Nuohei villagers use the slabstone to build their houses. These slabstones overlapped one and another in different colors, is a record of the trace of years and life changes of Sani people. The unique landscape of slabstones help Nuohei to won the good reputation as "village solidified with stones" and "stone genius". It obtains the love of painters, photographers and lots of tourists, and receives visitors all the year round.  

Besides the stones, there are still some other attractions which are worth seeing. Such as the ancient tree at the entrance of the village. It luxuriant growth of leaves and branches, stands rock-firm, the sturdy branch bifurcation to all around extension, very difficult to distinguish clearly primary and secondary; as well as the clean lake at the side of the village, it is an ideal place to enjoy the leisure time of fishing; the mysterious Mizhi Forest at the entrance of the village and the annual Mizhi cultural Festival is quite miraculous.         

There are 5 families can receive 300 people eating at the same time in the Nuohei village now. Other families can serve walk-in guests when needed. In the evening, you can pay a visit to local Yi family after you tasted the original ecological food and corn wine of Yi people. You may sing and dance with Yi people around the bonfire. You may also lay quietly on the slabstone house, to look at the moon and stars, listen to the whisper of the wild insects and the wind goes through the pines.                

How to get there:
108 kilometers away from Kunming, you may drive from Kunming along the Kunming-Jiuxiang-Shilin-Alu Ancient Cave high way to the Ecology Culture Garden of Stone Forest, then drive towards Guishan for about 30 kilometers, you will see the sign of “Nuohei Stone Village” on your left.

Reservation hotline:      
Qishi Garden: 139 0887 7282 (Gao Zhilan) 
Sitong Garden: 138 8812 7061 (Bi Xingxue) 
Magnolia Garden: 139 8769 0453 (Wang Guangzhen)
Luo Me Xing (Stone House in Yi language): 139 8718 1795 (Zeng Shaohua)
Lijia Garden: 138 8818 0437 (Li Jiang)