Ancient Path Tea House

Welcome to the Stone Forest ----- the hometown of Ashima
Based on the Stone Forest, there stands the Trail Township Tea Plantation which specializing in Yunnan Pu’er Tea. The township makes an organic combination of Yunnan Pu’er Tea and the famous sceneries, at the same time, develops and designs various Stone Forest Tourism souvenir craft Pu’er Tea characterizes the Stone Forest Scene Spot, the Small Stone Forest, Ashima scenery, Yi Totem, the marriage keepsakes, which enables the tourists to take the pleasant sceneries home and cherish them for long after the short travel of the extremely skillful wonders.

All the Stone Forest Tourism Craft Pu’er Tea on sale has been conferred the National Design Patent, especially the newly designed marriage keepsake craft Pu’er Tea, on which the couples could carve both of their names and the date they married each other to let the Stone Forest standing for more than million years wit the eternal love. We provide the service that to design, to suppress a variety of commemorative craft Pu’er Tea for all enterprises and individuals. All the tourists in the Stone Forest Scenic Spot enjoy a 20% discount on all kinds of the Stone Forest Tourism Craft Pu’er Tea by presenting the tickets (within three days). The mail service are available. 

Address: Xiaogucheng 49#, Shilin County
Contact: Hu Junbo
Te: 86-871-779 2869
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