Tourism Series Books

The Stone Forest Travels in which collects the travels by Ji Xianlin, Feng Shou, Fang Ji, Jia Ping’ao and other prestigious authors and reveals smoothly the deep affections and feelings about the wonder land and the untouchably vast stone forest.

The Poem Selections of the Stone Forest in which there exist selective poems from different newspapers and periodicals in different periods including the famous authors like Zhu Ziqing, Wang Li, Zhao Puchu, Wu Han, He Jing. 

Colors in Sani Minority in which the author describes dramatically the life of Sani Minority with freely flowing style of words. Through this book the readers will get a more all-round and embedded idea about Sani Minority.

Ashima, a narrative poem of Sani, one of the Yi Nationality branch, is an immortal masterpiece polished by generations of Sani People. The book is the bound volume of Yi Language, Chinese, English and Japanese.

Yi Minority Daily Conversations in the Stone Forest Traveling. There exists a great desire to learn about some day-to-day Yi Nationality conversations or words to communicate with the local inhabitants----- the Sani, when the foreign tourists and Chinese have sightseeing in the exotic and ethical Stone Forest Scenic Spot, in particular the overseas tourists. This book will play such an important role in the trip that could help to communicate with the Sani people.