The Rules of VIP Tourist Member Card

Stone Forest is the Hometown of Ashima, the highlight of World Karst landform, the first group of scenic spots awarded the National Scenic Resort of China title, Demonstrative Civilized Tourism Area of China, AAAAA Tourist Area (Site) at National Level, National Geopark of China, and World Geopark. Since the construction of Stone Forest Scenic Area for more than 70 years, it has attracted numerous tourists from home and aboard, including the head of a country and the common people, all of them fully appreciated the wonder of Stone Forest. In return the favour of the tourists and the society, Tourism Administration of Stone Forest started the VIP tourist member service since June of 2003.

For those who have the VIP Tourist Member Card, they can enjoy the rights and get more benefits, according to the relevant rules of Stone Forest membership. The Stone Forest member service will create a more relaxed and convenient tourism environment for the tourist, and will let the leisure holiday spend at Stone Forest has more practical meanings.

Stone Forest VIP Tourist Member Center: 86-871-771 0316

You could be a VIP tourist member of Stone Forest, if you bring your personal ID card and of a recent photo in 0.5 inches to the Sales Office of Member Center in Stone Forest or the to the relevant authorized sales centers of the member card, to fill in a piece of application form and buy the member card. 
●You can take the 0.5 inches photo at the Card Center.
●Students who wants to apply Student Card need to present the valid student certificate.
●The member card will be valid for a year since the day you bought the card;
●Member card can be applied by others if bring a full-face recent photo in 0.5 inches and copy of ID card.

Standard Charges:
Apply for the first year: RMB 200 yuan per year
Extend the card valid period: RMB 175 yuan per year

Apply for the first year: RMB 150 per year
Extend the card valid period: RMB 150 per year, while having valid student certificate, otherwise will be charged RMB 175 per year

Member Notice:
1. Members can visit Stone Forest Scenic Area, Naigu Stone Forest, Changhu Lake, Ddieshui Waterfall, Guishan Forest Park free in person during the vaild period of the VIP Member Card;
2. Members can enjoy the group rate at the hotels;
3. Members can obtain the personal accident insurance on the first day visit to Stone Forest each year (86-871-779 6800);
4. Members can visit the night Stone Forest when available during the valid period of the card;
5. Members can join the big show at the Stone Forest with no extra charges;
6. Members careful to maintain the stone forest image, propagate the stone forest brand, protect the stone forest resources;
7. Members should abide by the regulations of membership card and the regulations of the scenic spot while using the card;
8. Members should not lent the VIP Member Card to others, or transfer it to others privately, the card will be confiscated once be found.