Tickets Affairs

Tickets Affairs of the Stone Forest Scenic Area                                 

Name category The amount of money location Telephone
Stone Forest Scenic Area Entrance Fee 175 yuan per person 78 kms from Kunming and 9 kms from Shilin County 0871-7711278
Tourist Guide Service

Chinese: 60yuan /time

Stone Forest Scenic Area

Other foreign languages:80/time Stone Forest Scenic Area 0871-7719006
Singing& Dancing Performance free Stone Forest Scenic Area ( 14:00--14:30 15:00-15:30 daily) 0871-7719006
Battery Truck 25 yuan per person (circle around and inside the scenic area ) Tourist Service Center - Main Entrance - Forest Circle Road, Main Entrance - Parking lot of Tourist Service Center 0871-7710576
Flying-Dragon Waterfall (Dadieshui) Area (sightseeing suspended temporarily) Ticket 18yuan per person 27 kms from Stone Forest Scenic Area 0871-7743595
Cable car 10yuan per person, one way   0871-7743595
Changhu Lake Scenic Area Entrance Fee 10yuan/per person 26 kms from Stone Forest Scenic Area 0871-7734210
VIP Tourist Member Card Adult 200 yuan per person, per year Including the sceneries of theStone Forest,Naigu Stone Forest, Long Lake, Dadieshui Waterfall, and Gui Hills Forest Park 0871-7710316
Student 150 yuan per person, per year 0871-7710316

Scenic spots tickets are package tickets, ticket price released since 1st April, 2010
Service Hotline: 86-871-771 1278