Guide Introduction

Ashima and Aheige are the symbols of girls and boys of Sani people, which is a branch of Yi nationality. Ashima stands for the girl who is as beautiful as gold; Aheige stands for the boy who is kind and brave. The guide group of Stone Forest is composed of more than 200 Ashima and Aheige.

The guide group of Stone Forest has a long history since 1982. It has awarded provincial and national "Youth Civilization Unit" and "Advanced Group" honorary titles for many times. In more than 20 years, "Ashima"  and "Aheige" successively guided for Mr. Jiang Zemin, Mr. Zhu Rongji, Mr. Li Peng and more than 10 main leaders China and also Many foreign leaders and dignitaries celebrities such as Kissinger and so on. Their guiding service is not only praised by the government, but also highly praised by tourists from home and aboard!

Ashima and Aheige are not only sincere and enthusiastic, but also skilled in singing and dancing. they serve every tourist with love in   explaining legendary stories, ethnic customs, local knowledge, geographical knowledge, geological knowledge. You will understand the magic stone forest secret lasts for million years better; and you can enjoy the ethnic culture of Yi people through Ashima and Aheige’s explanation which is scientific, intellectual and interesting. Our Ashima and Aheige can speak Mandarin, Hakka dialect and Hokkien dialet, and also English, Japanese, Thai and Korean. More than 200 beautiful Ashima and handsome Aheige are looking forwarding to your trip to the stone forest, they will offer their sincere hearts to accompany you. What you will get is not only a happy journey, but also a wonderful memory to recall…