The Traffic Location of the Stone Forest Scenic Spot

The Stone Forest Scenic Spot occupies the superior location where is 78 kilometers far from Kunming, which is the gateway from Southeast Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other coastal areas to Kunming. It takes about 50 minutes to arrive directly at the Stone Forest via National Highway 324, National Highway 326, An (Ning) Shi (Lin) High-grade Highway, Kun (Ming) He (Kou) High-grade Highway, and the newly constructed Kun (Ming) Shi (Lin) Highway, which bears a great convenience in the transportation. The tourists have two choices of the transportation, one is the coaches and the other is the trains. There is an air-conditioned coach available every half an hour at the bus terminal especially the Kunming Eastern Bus Terminal, the East Passenger Station, the South Passenger Station, the West Passenger Station and the North Passenger Station. The price to the ticket is 27-29 Yuan per passenger. There are four trains respectively from Guangzhou, Xiamen, Nanning, Zhanjiang, North Guilin and Hongguo drawing up at the Stone Forest Train Station whose price ranges from 9 to 20 Yuan per passenger. More information at 86-871-614 0964.

Additional Information
1. No shuttles within each scenic spot in the Stone Forest accessible but leasable hackney carriages and cars. 

The Stone Forest County----- the Stone Forest Scenic Spot, bus, 2 Yuan/passenger

2. The Stone Forest enjoys a pleasant climate all the year around. As long as the tourists set their foot into the Stone Forest, they will find that every inch of that area is a significant spots such as the stone shoots, the stone pillars, the stone forests, the falls, the caves as well as the distinctively cultural customs, the Sani-flavored specialties, all of which contribute to the excellent place to drive to.