Tourist Express

The General Introduction of the Tourist Express to Stone Forest

Tourists from Kunming to the Stone Forest Scenic Spot are able to take the Tourist Express at the Eastern Bus Terminal. 

Eastern Bus Terminal:
It is Located in Panlong District, Kunming, the East Cable links with the north of the Renmin Road Extension Line Overpass and the west of the Liangmiansi Overpass, about 1 km far from the Hongqiao Overpass. The Terminal accepts the coaches shuffling eastern and southeastern Yunnan via Kunshi Highway. Besides, the coaches to Shilin County, Yiliang County, Honghe Prefecture (except Jianshui, Shiping County), Wenshan Prefecture, Luliang County, Shizong County, Luoping County and part of the inter-provincial coaches have been adjusted to this terminal.

Departure Time:
Morning Shift 8:00 am
Terminal Shift 18:30 pm

Ticket Price:
Kunming Eastern Bus Terminal (originating station) ------ the Stone Forest Scenic Spot (terminal station), 29 Yuan/person/time (including the premium 1 Yuan)
The Stone Forest Scenic Spot (originating station) -----Kunming Eastern Bus Terminal (terminal station), 27 Yuan/person/time (including the premium 1Yuan)

The departure time is for reference only, more information at 0871-7710789

Children at 1.1 meters high are free
Children at 1.1----1.4 meters high require half-price tickets
Children over 1.4 meters high require full-price tickets